Well, hello!

It's so nice to meet you!
We wanna know all about you but first let us introduce ourselves.

Who are we?

We're a fully funded games industry startup! We're working on a data crunching platform to bring modern sales intelligence and forecasting to game developers - one of the most fascinating and exciting industries on the planet. We know the subject matter and our clients very well - a lot of us have tons of prior gamedev experience, and IndieBI actually started out as an in-house tool we built for ourselves a couple of years ago. 

It's grown a bit since then. We're now in closed beta, serving 1000+ other games, and we've just recently raised $3M to scale up and grow quickly - aiming for IndieBI to become a truly global, universal sales aggregation and optimization platform for premium PC and Console video games.

And in more practical terms: we're providing game studios with a suite of clever tools - web and desktop apps, data visualizations, insight reports - to help understand their sales and marketing performance, to analyze it for valuable trends and patterns, and to find actionable advice to increase their sales and revenue. So basically - we help studios and publishers run smarter businesses and sell more games. 

All of our positions come with competitive, above-market salaries, stock option plans, and benefits up the wazoo. The bulk of our delivery teams is based out of Poland, but we're always happy to adjust compensations to match market rates for wherever you live.

Also, no worries if none of the open positions seem right for you. We're growing very quickly and opening new positions all the time. Write a few words about yourself or send your CV to jobs@indiebi.com and we'll let you know as soon as something more up your alley opens up!

How did we get here?

We initially developed IndieBI in-house at SUPERHOT (with a huge help of Blue Brick, a software development company Tom, one of IndieBI's founders, set up in a previous life) in order to track our own game sales on every platform, and make smart decisions based on the data we gathered. Over time, we quietly shared it with other developers, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

The tools we make are evolving and maturing rapidly, and they currently look a little bit like this:

The insights and advice our small team of analysts were able to supply for SUPERHOT and our early beta partners have already more than paid for the development of the platform. Sales optimization and better operations can really make a difference for successful games - to the tune of millions of dollars of additional revenue for some of our current partners. 

We’ve just raised $3M from a broad circle of individual industry veterans - people running successful studios, publishers, other games industry startup founders. This gives us a couple of years of runway to grow quickly without worrying about monetization, and allows us to get some sage advice whenever we need it and to better access the nooks of the industry we're not as familiar with ourselves. 

The raise also served as a milestone to to instill a more ambitious sense of direction and scale for IndieBI. The intermediate product roadmap we have for the future extends well into next year and beyond. It includes live dashboards for managers and smaller studios, industry wide benchmarks, social and marketing metrics, a public access library of white papers, and many more - all of which are exciting projects for you to help the developers and publishers with.

We're in a growing invite-only beta right now, supporting over 60 partners, all of them chock-full of fun gamedev people, allowing us to directly help amazing creators like:


The Creators of Among us


The Creators of Gang Beasts

Raw Fury

The Publishers of Kingdom, Sable


The Creators of Dance Central, Rock Band

Vertigo Games

The Creators of Arizona Sunshine


The Publishers of Onward, Moonglow Bay

... and with $2B+ in total tracked sales and over 600 more clients signed up for our waiting list, we’re not running out of traction any time soon. We just need you to help us scale up and grow faster! :)

What's the Team?

IndieBI currently consists of 20+  amazing people working on data, product, analysis, and business development.  Most of our teammates are from Poland, with a few members of our crew also found in the Philippines, US and UK. We’re steadily making more full time hires to round out the teams, and we're specifically trying to create a diverse and creative work environment distributed all around the world.  :)




Head of Growth


HR / Recruiter


Scrum Master


Product Manager


Lead Product Designer





























And in terms of IndieBI's founders: 

Tom (CEO) for the past several years has been running the business side of SUPERHOT. Recently, he’s spent most of his time getting people excited about data and business intelligence.

Callum (CSO) is most known for his work at Kowloon Nights, Raw Fury, and Oculus, where he spent the last few years working with game developers around the world. He's since scaled up Robot Teddy - his own boutique consultancy, where he and his team help game developers like Bone Loaf, Innersloth, or SUPERHOT run better and smarter businesses.

With IndieBI, we decided to create a stable, fun, and impactful company to solve a problem we've seen affect so many of our industry friends and partners. Too much is done on gut-feel and by following others, and not enough done with all context and knowledge required. If successful, IndieBI has the potential to change the way in which developers operate in the games industry. 

The geese in the photo are not the founders. They are just geese. 

We could keep writing about ourselves for hours. But to be frank - we'd rather learn more about you! Click through, apply, and let's talk more during your job interview.


And if you still have any questions about us or our product or you just simply want to say hello, do write to info@indiebi.com. <3 We love you, you're amazing.