Junior/Regular Business Analyst

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Junior/Regular Business Analyst

Help design the definitive video game sales intelligence platform.

Empower game developers to run smarter studios.

Full-time · Remote (or in Łódź, Poland) · Junior 9-13k PLN B2B + VAT (24-35k EUR/year)  · Regular 12.5 - 16k PLN B2B + VAT (33-43k EUR/year) or equivalent  on Employment Contract

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What's IndieBI?

IndieBI is a first-of-its-kind business data aggregation and analytics platform for PC and Console video games. 

It provides games studios with a suite of tools - desktop app, data visuals, insight reports - to help understand their sales and marketing information, to analyze it for valuable trends and patterns, and to provide them with actionable advice to optimize their sales and revenue. 

IndieBI helps studios and publishers run smarter businesses. It helps them sell more games. And it's never been done before.

Okay then, what's the job?

At IndieBI we are building business intelligence tools to help developers and publishers of PC and Console games manage their commercial operations more efficiently. IndieBI is still in beta, but we have a growing community of 300+ games companies utilizing the software. Additionally, we are also building the dedicated account management team that provides exclusive high-profile service, tailored to the different needs of video game developers and publishers.

Within that team, you will be specializing in maximizing the revenue growth potential for our clients, helping in research, optimization and tools development. This role requires attention to detail, proficiency in working with data, dutiful task management, curiosity to investigate customer needs and requests within the larger context of staying up to date with emerging business trends within the video game industry and the ability to communicate clearly with both internal and external stakeholders. Join us in this dynamic position where your analytical skills contribute directly to our clients' success in the competitive realm of video game sales.

You match the role if:

  • You are (or want to be) proficient in data analysis, with a keen ability to extract meaningful insights and trends;

  • You're detail oriented, have strong interpretation and reporting skills, you care about accuracy;
  • You are proficient in Microsoft Excel for data analysis and reporting;
  • You already have an experience with PowerBI or similar tools for creating insightful visualisations;
  • Your are fluent in English (especially written) and have willingness to expand your findings into long-form reports and white papers;
  • You are able to work independently, take initiative, and be resourceful in problem-solving;
  • You have proactive approach to identifying opportunities and addressing challenges;
  • You have a basic understanding of programming and a good grasp of the fundamentals and limitations of statistics;
  • You are a great communicator and communicate proactively and straightforward, while demonstrating excellent written communication skills;
  • You have business and out-of-the-box thinking: Demonstrate creative problem-solving skills and the ability to think strategically to drive business growth.

It's a plus if:

  • You have basic knowledge of Python programming language for data analysis;
  • You have a good presentation and public speaking skills and an ability to convey complex data findings in a clear and compelling manner; 
  • You have previous experience in a similar role (preferably as Analyst or Data Scientist) in the gaming or related industry;
  • You have passion for and understanding of the gaming industry;
  • You have knowledge of various online game distribution platforms for both PC and consoles.

We appreciate that it's impossible to be a specialist in everything! We do, however, expect that by relying on your skills and experience, you'll be able to fearlessly navigate through your daily tasks, assessing which problems you can tackle on your own and which require the help of your colleagues. We hope that you won't be afraid to take up challenges but also won't hesitate to ask questions! 

We will want you to:

  • Conduct comprehensive analysis to support strategic decision-making for our clients from gaming sector;

  • Evaluate discount strategies and optimize for maximum profitability;
  • Prepare and present insightful reports to clients, highlighting key findings and recommendations;
  • Create visually appealing and informative data visualizations for internal and external use;
  • Designing, creating and maintaining interactive business dashboards based on the sales and marketing data aggregated in the platform and external sources;
  • Creating tools and reports for exploratory work, empowering yourself, your teammates, and in-house studio analysts to do deep dive data research;
  • Proactively proposing and pursuing theories to explore, ideas for new data to attach to our platform, finding patterns and benchmarks that nobody has found before.

We will provide you with training and you’ll always be able to rely on our product managers and engineers to guide you, but you will also be expected and encouraged to take the initiative yourself to learn and document everything you need to best support our clients.

In return we're offering:

  • Full time job from any place in the world with whatever type of contract suits you best (but it's a major plus if your time zone is not too far from Europe);
  • Competitive salary adjusted according to your experience and location (Junior 9000-13000 PLN net + VAT/Regular 12 500-16000 PLN net + VAT on a B2B contract for people based in Poland);
  • A meaningful stock option plan to reflect your responsibilities and substantial contribution to the project;
  • Paid holidays, sick leave, 26 days of vacations, no matter the type of contract;
  • A growing assortment of useful benefits - reimbursements for home office workstations and peripherals, training budgets, private healthcare subsidies, weekly in-house training sessions, monthly hackdays to flex a different set of creative muscles;
  • Remote-first work environment - we have a headquarters in Poland but do live our work lives online, including in-house workshops and trainings, teambuilding, and board games;
  • A team of creative friends from the cross section of video games, startup development, and data analytics;

  • An exciting startup project in one of the most vibrant industries in the world, in direct contact with people making amazing games;

  • A cozy head office in Łódź with tons of fruits, chocolate, coffee and board games.

We hire people, not resources. We have flexible working hours so you can balance your lifestyle requirements with your work responsibilities. We're trusting you with your own time management, relying on your work being fun and exciting to keep you motivated, and expecting your experience and professionalism to define your relationship with our clients and the rest of the team.

We especially encourage marginalized groups and people from underserved backgrounds, genders, and locations to apply. 

So what do you do exactly?

We automatically grab data from all of the most relevant sales platforms, we normalize it, process it a little and present our users with neat interactive dashboards and advisory tools. This enables the game developers and publishers to build better intuition, evaluate their performance and ultimately leads the to make better decisions.

It's all built on our own personal experience - we started IndieBI to answer a dire need for tools like that at our own gamedev studio (SUPERHOT) and through our work helping other studios (at Robot Teddy). We've seen the early versions of IndieBI improve the revenue of our partners and ourselves by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. 

IndieBI has helped us tremendously, and we've since been able to share it with over a hundred other studios, funds, and publishers - including the likes of:

Raw Fury

The Publishers of Kingdom, Sable

Vertigo Games

The Creators of Arizona Sunshine


The Creators of Gang Beasts


The Creators of Among us

We already have hundreds of customers using our product and a couple dozens more asking to join our beta.

We've since grown our ranks to 45+ amazing people structured in cross-functional teams.

From where we're standing, the future sure seems really exciting.

And t
his is where you come in.

Okay! Where do I click?

Sounds good so far? Go ahead and apply! And don't forget to attach your portfolio!

Or scroll down for some more context about the team, the hiring process, and a few bits of FAQ.

Can I get a bit more backstory, please?

IndieBI is a sales intelligence platform created to help developers and video game studios know their playground a little bit better. Those folks are often pretty busy doing what they really love - making video games - and we're here to help them deal with the busywork of actually selling the games after they're made.

We developed IndieBI at SUPERHOT in order to track our own game sales on every platform, and make smart decisions based on the data we gathered. Over time, we quietly shared it with other developers, and the response was overwhelmingly positive - so we’ve now raised funds, spun it out into its own company, and are scaling up aggresively. IndieBI currently has 35+ people working on data, product, analysis, and business development and we’re steadily making more full time hires to round out the teams.

The insights and advice our small team of analysts were able to supply for SUPERHOT and our early beta partners have already more than paid for the development of the platform. Sales optimization and better operations can really make a difference for successful games - to the tune of millions of dollars of additional revenue for some of our current partners. Still, we believe IndieBI can truly flourish faster and become a universal, ubiquitous tool for the entire industry if it's properly independent - which is why we've spun it out of SUPERHOT and raised $3M in initial funding from a wide circle of individual industry investors to cover a couple of years of runway.

Our intermediate product roadmap extends well into next year and beyond. It includes live dashboards and analytical tools for managers and smaller studios, industry wide benchmarks, social and marketing metrics, a public access library of white papers, and many more - all of which are exciting projects for you to help the developers and publishers with.

Despite still being built in self-imposed invite-only beta mode, IndieBI is already tracking 1,500+ games across almost 20,000 SKUs, with cumulative sales of nearly $2B. 

We maintain a growing waiting list of over 700 more devs and publishers, trickling them in as our bandwidth allows. Now, with your help, we'll be able to scale and build cool stuff faster, and make studios smarter across the entire games industry!

If you have any questions feel free to write to recruitment@indiebi.com or in your application. Join us now, you're gonna love it in here! <3

Who's in the team already?

IndieBI is built by an engineering- and analytics-heavy team of 45+ friendly and creative people. Our team mostly originates from Blue Brick, a software development company Tom, one of IndieBI's founders, set up in a previous life. The HQ is in Lodz, Poland, so of course most of the company is Polish, but we use English in Teams, meetings, documents and emails.

We're generally working around the Polish time zone, but we are used to working with teammates distributed all the over the world, e.g. in Lebanon or Nigeria. Our clients are all over the place too - already spanning most of the populated time zones. 

And in terms of IndieBI's founders:

Tom (CEO) for the past several years has been running the business side of SUPERHOT. Recently, he’s spent most of his time getting people excited about data and business intelligence.

Callum (CSO) is most known for his work at Kowloon Nights, Raw Fury, and Oculus, where he spent the last few years working with game developers around the world. He's since scaled up Robot Teddy - his own boutique consultancy, where he and his team help game developers like Bone Loaf, Innersloth, or SUPERHOT run better and smarter businesses.

With IndieBI, they decided to create a stable, fun, and impactful company to solve a problem they've seen affect so many of their industry friends and partners. Too much was being done on gut-feel and by following others, and not enough done with all context and knowledge required. Now they're hoping IndieBI will be able to change all that - to fundamentally improve the way in which developers and publishers operate in the games industry. 

The geese in the photo are not the founders. They are just geese. 

Okay but also...

  1. What's the level of experience necessary?

    We expect you to have some experience in the areas mentioned before.
    At the same time, we appreciate that every project is different and there are times when you're pushed to learn a bunch of new things in shorter time, so the years of experience aren't the main factor we focus on. 

  2. I have my concerns - what makes you special?

    Firstly - we think we’re probably the only team and company able to pull off something of this magnitude. Tom and Callum have spent years working with developers and platforms in the games industry and earning their trust. It would be very difficult to encourage companies to upload their entire sales history platform to your database without having long histories of successful working relationships. Secondly - we have a kickass group of individual investors giving us advice and kicking open doors for us. We aren’t in Silicon Valley, and don’t want to be, but there is definitely something exciting about a startup doing something that no one else is!

  3. You see what's happening - is your employment stable?
    Yes it is. We are of course, a startup. However, we've raised enough funds to give us a decent amount of time of runway, we have a pretty clear line-of-sight to quick profitability, we have the backing of some very profitable GameDev studios, and we can/will raise more if need be. 
  4. I figured I work better from home and I can work only remotely - how do you feel about it?
    We fully support you in doing everything to make you feel comfortable and simply happy, so we wouldn't expect you to join us in the office now or in the future. We'll be delighted to meet you face to face when you feel like it, but at the same time we will help you make your home the best workplace possible. :)

Recruitment process

  1. Click the button below, fill out the form and apply!
  2. You'll get an email from us to let you know if you've made it to stage 2.
  3. Stage 2 is an interview with Ada or Karolina, our People & Culture specialists - just a mutual vibe check and an opportunity to start getting comfortable with each other.
  4. Stage 3 - a short homework related to your future duties.
  5. Stage 4 is a bigger and more official (but still friendly) chat with two representatives of our Partner Program Team. This part will go a bit more in-depth into your experience and skills.
  6. Stage 5 is a super friendly chat with our CEO - it's an awesome opportunity to learn all the juicy details about IndieBI's history and what lies ahead.
  7. Within usually a few days you'll get a proper job offer to consider or a little feedback to help you grow and try again in the future. <3

Wow, you made it to the end! We have nothing more to tell you for now! Please go click the button now!